Volantex V761-1 Trainstar 6-Axis Gyro Mini 400mm Wingspan Airplane RTF


The Volantex V761-1 “Trainstar” is a mini 400mm wingspan EPP based ready to fly airplane that is mostly intended for beginners and indoor use. It’s 6-axis gyro is specially designed to help people learn faster how to fly model airplanes and will also prevent most crashes due to lack of experience. When your confidence and skills increase you can always disable the stabilization system and take full manual control and increase your skills. To get more in detail about the gyro i must specify that this is a automatic leveling system that continually adjusts the control surfaces so that the plane is easy to control and prevent it from flipping, rolling or inverting it by mistake, the gyro will also increase the overall stability. The gyro has 3 workings modes and those are: beginner (full assist), mid (some assist), expert (gyro off-full manual).



The Volantex design is based on the real “Cessna” airplane model and has a common appearance. It’s body is made of EPP foam which will provide sufficient resistance to an amount of crashes. Last but not least the wings are reinforced with carbon fiber rods for overall strengthening. The plane also comes with a landing gear included and very useful for taking off and landing on pavement or asphalt. The propeller is made from soft ABS so it won’t get broken in a crash.


The V761-1 is sold as a RTF (ready to fly) so it comes with anything that is needed to fly it out of the box, you only need to charge the LiPo. The included transmitter is relatively basic as there is no LCD on it but it will provide exactly what it’s needed beside control and that means trimming and gyro control. I must also mention that this is a 3 channel control system so you basically just control: throttle, rudder and elevator and you can not control ailerons.


In the box of the Volantex V671-1 you are going to find:
– Volantex RC V761-1 Trainstar Aircraft
– Transmitter
– 3.7V 180mAh Li-Po Battery
– Spare Propeller
– Landing Gear
– USB Charging Cable
– English Manual

Features, specifications pricing and availability
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High wing trainer is stable and easy to fly.
Completed assembled Ready-to-fly set.
Light weight and durable EPP construction.
High performance in indoor flight.
Digital proportional standardized radio control system.
3 Channel, go up and down, forward and backward, turn right and left.
It has 6-axis gyro which can have more stable flying and be easy to control.
Two kinds of take-off mode, taking off from the ground and throwing fly.
Easy for a beginner to operate because it is lightweight yet has a sturdy construction.
2.4Ghz spread spectrum technology: better anti-interference ability, faster reaction speed, low power consumption.
The added advantage of a landing wheel, to help protect the foam, makes it a perfect choice for everyone.

Brand: VolantexRC
Model: V761-1
Material: Durable EPP
Wing Span: 400mm/15.7in
Length: 320mm/12.6in
Gyro: 6-Axis
Motor: Coreless motor
Radio: 2.4Ghz
Channel: 3CH
Transmitter battery: 4 * AA battery (not included)
Battery: 3.7V 180mAh Li-Po
Flight time: 8-10min
Charging time: About 30min
Battery dimension: 42 * 11 * 5mm
Weight(including battery): 36g

Package information:
Package size: 35.3 * 34 * 14.7cm / 13.9 * 13.4 * 5.79in
Package weight: 677g / 1.49lb
Gift box package
In detail review with pictures
The Volantex Trainstar comes nicely packed and secured in a foam frame so it will travel well during shipment. On the first inspection when taking it out of the box everything was in good shape. The transmitter is cleverly mounted under the plane on the other side of the foam crate.
The plane uses carbon fiber supports for the front wings, each beam terminates into a plastic plate that also acts as a holder and are glued on the EPP foam.
Although this is a 3ch plane, the front wings have spaces and pre-cuts for working ailerons, there is evan a small cut for fixing a servo. My guess is that you can either upgrade it to a 4ch plane, or the producer is planning such model.
The rear wings are also carbon fibre reinforced with two additional rods. One is holding the wing while the other will reinforce the eleron. You can also observe the tail wheel which is made from soft foam.
The rudder is also reinforced with a carbon fibre rod and you can also observe the loop in the servo control wire, that is used for manual adjustment of the rod length, of course if it’s needed.


Moving to the front of the plane, you will observe a small brushed coreless motor that uses gear drive by means of a brass pinion and a plastic spur gear. The propeller cone is made from some soft foam and it’s glued on the the propeller blades.


The propeller type / size is  130×70 and it’s a push and fit type without needing tools or screws. You will have to glue the propeller cone on it.


The battery of the plane is a small 1S (3.7V) 180mAh LiPo cell that sticks by means of velcro under the plane’s fuselage. The main problem here is the short battery connector that goes inside the plane, you risk of getting it inside with no means to extract it back again, also the wire is extremely short making connection hard to do.



The transmitter looks a bit dull, with no fancy LCD display and just the basic needed switches. It runs on 4x AA and it will also enable you to modify the gyro operation mode.



The Volantex V761-1 also includes a landing gear which is made from a steel wire with light foam tires, this will aid you a lot when taking off or landing on pavement or hard surfaces such as cement, asphalt or even a smooth dirt road.


Video review, footage and mods

Full bench review with unboxing, details, component inspection, transmitter functions overview and gyro stabilization demo showcase.

Maiden flight test, crashes, durability
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(Discount coupon available: 6$ OFF from the listed price, use: “LQPV76“)