WLtoys Q323-C Long Flight Time Quadcopter



The WLtoys Q323 comes as a surprise as at a first glimpse it resembles with the Popular XK X251 quadcopter. The canopy design, the landing gear and even the tail light is in the same place and look identical, but there is a catch. While the X251 is a small brushless quad, the Q323 is a larger brushed and geared model, of course there are other differences as well, including the price.

The Q323 comes in to models each with it’s own advantages and disadvantages.

Q323 – B 
The B version comes with a VGA resolution camera (0.3 Mpix) and offers WiFi connectivity enabling live video streaming and recording.
Q323 – C 
The C version comes with a HD resolution camera (2 Mpix) and doesn’t offer any streaming or FPV image transmission.
By looking at the naming schemes and transmitter, this quad is related to the Q333 (mini Inspire clone) and it’s very possible that in the feature there will be a Q323 – A version with a FPV camera and monitor included.
A novelty found on this model is the camera module which can be replaced, this means that you will be able to switch between B and C models by just changing the camera. It is also possible to maybe integrate other modules in the camera’s place. Last but not least taking the camera out leaves space to use your own AIO camera making this a truly FPV capable unit on a budget.
The Q323 comes with a large 2300 mAh 2-cell 7.4V lithium-polymer battery and will generate a 15-16 minutes of flight time, which is out of ordinary for this type of quad-copters. Another advantage is that the battery is not a proprietary format and you can find cheap replacements further improving you flight experiment with multiple ones.
Other features worth mentioning are:
– Air pressure (baro) altitude hold, making it much more easy to control, especially being a large quad.
– Controllable camera tilt angle
– Carbon fiber arms that keep the weight down and provide much more strength.
– LED motor pods that aid orientation by using green in the front and red in the back


The included bundle falls into the regular category and contains thinks like:

– 1x balance charger,
– 1x card reader,
– 1x set of spare propellers,
– 1x set of propeller guards
– 1x a small screw driver.

Video reviews and test flights